Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Women in Green (1945)


Holmes : Basil Rathbone
Watson : Nigel Bruce
Moriarty : Henry Daniell

Another very good entry in the Rathbone - Bruce partnership. Henry Daniell made for a very good Moriarty (although the screen credits spelled it Moriarity).

Dr. Watson again plays for the part of comic relief. He wasn't much help in solving this one.

Inspector Grgeson : What's the lady look like?
Holmes : About 30, nice figure, blonde hair, lustrious eyes.
Watson : Really, got her phone number?

This movie didn't have much of a plot but there was hypnotism, drugs, cut off fingers and blackmail. And there was Professor Moriarty. Holmes did some of his iconic things - he played the violin and smoked his pipe.

Holmes doesn't show much pity for the Professor who seemingly dies again :

Watson : "An evil man Holmes, but what a horrible death."
Holmes : "Better than he deserved."

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